Published On: Wed, Feb 2nd, 2022

Aldi is selling a ‘fantastic’ air fryer for under £30 – but you’ll have to be quick

One shopper who wasn’t totally sure about buying an air fryer said: “You can’t go wrong for the price.

“I was really unsure about buying an air fryer but for the price, it was worth the risk. Best purchase in a long time. I haven’t switched my oven on since buying it”.

Another said the fryer is a “must buy! Food cooks evenly and perfectly.

“Oven chips cook a lot quicker in it, can easily see how it is doing and the air fryer is far more economical than the electric cooker.

Buy: Aldi (£29.99)

If you’ve been weighing up different air fryer models for a while now and are starting to get a bit of analysis paralysis, take a look at what this happy customer had to say: “I had looked at several halogen air fryers, many costing much more had often fewer accessories than the Ambiano from Aldi.

“Now I would recommend this one before all the more expensive models”.

This model isn’t the only bargain you can pick up from Aldi right now either, with a slightly upgraded version of this one from Ambiano going for £39.99, and another from Salter going for £49.99.

You can buy the Ambiano Halogen Air Fryer on Aldi here.

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