Published On: Sat, Oct 29th, 2022

Disney fans ‘sobbing’ over new film featuring plus-sized girl | Films | Entertainment

Disney recently released their second season of “short circuit experimental films” on their streaming service, Disney Plus. One of the new additions to the streaming platform is Reflect, a touching story about a young woman who struggles with body dysmorphia.

Reflect follows Bianca, a girl attending ballet class who isn’t like the rest of her peers.

Bianca is a little bigger than the other members of her class, and in the first moments of the short film, viewers will see she isn’t comfortable with herself.

The teacher in the room lines her students up and demands they have “a tight tummy” and a “long neck”.

Poor Bianca looked forlornly into the mirror as she poses at the barre. But before long, everything changes for her – and fans are lapping it up. 

Watch Reflect on Disney Plus now.

Before long, a crack appears in her reflection on her ballet class’s mirror wall, and she goes on a gorgeously animated routine of tackling those tough thoughts and insecurities.

House of Mouse fans have been overwhelmed with the short, which promotes self-love and acceptance.

One fan said on Twitter: “16-year-old me needed this Disney short before I quit ballet because I didn’t want to be the fat girl in class anymore. I’m glad little ones will have this. 10/10 for Reflect!” (sic)

Another agreed: “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Disney+ FINALLY made a short with a Plus Size lead! It’s called Reflect and it’s part of the Short Circuit short series. Let’s just say I was SOBBING.” (sic)

Fans on TikTok added: “As someone who’s dealt with and still deals with this, it’s very comforting to finally see it being depicted.” (sic)

Another added: “I wish I could have seen this when I was younger! But so happy things are changing!” (sic)

Disney’s new inspiring short for young women comes directly from Hillary Bradfield.

The Disney Animation Story Artist has previously worked on Frozen 2, Encanto, and the Tangled TV series.

She is also a part of the team storyboarding the upcoming Avatar sequel – Avatar: The Way of Water.

This is not the first time Disney has represented and recognised bodies of different shape in their animated movies.

The recently released Encanto featured the super-strong Luisa Madrigal, who boasted an overly muscular physique.

Disney Pixar’s Seeing Red also delved into the subject of changing and differing bodies throughout teenagers.

Reflect is available to watch on Disney Plus now.

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