Published On: Thu, Jan 27th, 2022

Elvis: Incredible memories of flying on Lisa Marie private jet with King shared by family | Music | Entertainment

Danny Smith was just a kid when his father Billy, Elvis’ cousin, worked for The King as part of his inner circle.

All grown up and a grandfather now, he shared on his YouTube channel Memphis Mafia Kid: “It was the night that we went to Palm Springs and it was my first time being on the Lisa Marie. And, of course, from the time we walked up and went inside, Elvis took us through the whole plane, showed us round his bedroom… the living room area and into the bathroom. I just remember how excited [and] impressed [I was]. Then we made the flight, which was a wonderful flight. To me, I can only tell you how I felt during that time and it was like a whole apartment or condo floating through the air.”

He then went on to share a very dear memory, one that makes him emotional to this day.

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