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Game of Thrones: Drogon was NEVER meant for Daenerys – THIS is his fate | Books | Entertainment

In the end, it all came down to the dragons. Or, rather, dragon. So long Viserion and Rhaegal, we hardly knew you. After a major build-up, the Night King was a bit of an anti-climax and the Dothraki, Lannisters, secret Targaryens and various schemers all came to nothing. Drogon was the key to everything, but his fate never lay with Daenerys.

After eight seasons of plots and betrayals to get the main players in position, it turned out all anyone really needed was one enormous fire-breathing dragon.

Sure Daenerys’ Unsullied and the – annihilated at Winterfell but suddenly magically back again – Dothraki all made a grand sight sacking King’s Landing, but the Dragon Queen could have achieved pretty much the same thing with her own personal weapon of mass destruction.

Drogon is the most important piece on the board and always has been, especially now we know the Scorpions are a plot-dependant selectively lethal weapon.

Now that Dany is gone, his fate lies with another.

No, it’s not Jon Snow.

Despite eight seasons building to the revelation he was a secret Targaryen and perfectly suited to ride a dragon, this was cast aside and he was somewhat unconvincingly packed off back Oop North.

Drogon dramatically went AWOL clutching his dead ‘mother’ in his claws. But it is unlikely he can escape Westeros for long. 

The huge clue lies in five unassuming words; “Perhaps I can find him.”

A bit vague from anyone else, coming from the king of deadpan delivery and actual new King of Westeros (the southern bits) these words mean everything.

Bran has the gift of foresight. His “Why do you think I came all this way?” when offered the throne was perhaps a tad smug but made it clear he doesn’t say anything without huge consequences and a whopping chunk of insider knowledge. He certainly woudln’t be allowed anywhere near the Stock Exchange.

What he did do was maouever everyone into position to defeat the Night King and then seed the information that would drive a wedge between Dany and Jon, hastening her descent into paranoia and rage.

Since Bran, aka the Three-Eyed Raven, can see the most important things coming, the fact he is off to ‘look’ for Drogon must mean the Stark seer holds the key to where the last remaining dragon is and what he will do next.

With an entire continent in ruins, it is telling that the only thing he paid any attention to was the location of Drogon. Most tantalising of all is the idea that Bran would have some way to connect with the black beast or even warg into him.

Bran the Broken might have one more trick up his Three-Eyed sleeve.

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