Published On: Sun, Sep 25th, 2022

How to look younger: Women shares facial treatment that changed her life

Carol is feeling more confident than ever after undergoing the spring thread facelift and necklift. She spoke exclusively to about why she took the plunge in July and how it has affected her.

Self-conscious about her double chin, Carol received liposuction several years ago to troubleshoot this area.

However, the liposuction only made the problem worse, and sadly left Carol with “saggy skin” and very little confidence. 

She called the situation “horrible” and explained that she “hated looking in the mirror all the time”.

The surgeon who administered Carol’s liposuction then encouraged her to get Botox to fix it, which felt like a waste of time and money to Carol as it didn’t work.

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For years Carol felt very self-conscious about her appearance, and only this summer decided to take the plunge to reverse the sagging skin.

She visited Luxe Skin in Glasgow and met with Doctor Q, who made her feel instantly at ease and calmed her fears.

Luxe Skin’s official website reads: “Spring thread is a permanent suspension thread. It is flexible and elastic so it can move easily with facial expressions.

“It contains numerous rounded cogs that point in 4 directions that anchor the skin and lift up brows, cheeks, jowls and jawline.”


The treatment came with a pretty hefty price tag, setting Carol back around £4,500.

However, she felt it was well worth the cost due to the “amazing” results: “It’s been like a magic wand.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to get the treatment again and plans to return within three to five years once the ageing process kicks in again.

The “tweakment” has not only given Carol a more youthful, lifted, and tight facial appearance, but it has also cleared up the blemishes and redness she used to suffer with due to a boost in collagen production.

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“This is important because of the vital role collagen plays in the ageing process.”

As well as the physical benefits of the thread lift, the treatment has had a transformative effect on Carol’s confidence.

Carol stated: “People are looking at me and they can’t work out what it is but I just look amazing.”

She continued: “I don’t mind looking in mirrors as I go by. It’s totally turned my life around.

“Every time I looked in the mirror I was holding my face up and saying, ‘Oh, I wish I looked like this, I wish my face did that. And now it does.

As for other women who are thinking of getting the procedure or something similar, Carol told them: “Don’t hesitate, do it.”

For younger women looking to alter their appearance, Carol urged them to go for a more subtle look: “Fakeness doesn’t look good. I think the more natural, the better.”

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