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How to look younger: ‘World-famous’ serum that ‘strengthens skin’ in just a few drops

Millions of women want to know the secrets to remain youthful and the beauty industry makes billions of pounds from products that claim to “reverse wrinkles”, “boost collagen” and “smooth lines” in a matter of weeks. The Body Shop, however, is taking a stand against the anti-ageing narrative in a bid to increase confidence and self-love. spoke exclusively to the high street beauty company about their best-selling skincare range and they shared their tips for feeling good in the skin we were born in. 

The Drops of Youth range is the brand’s best-selling skincare, with a bottle of the Concentrate selling every 20 seconds around the world. 

But, The Body Shop decided to change the name of the range to Edelweiss, as part of the brand’s move to “go back to its activist roots” which involve “campaigning tirelessly on human rights and environmental issues as well as self-esteem”. 

The brand also takes a strong stance on ageing: “If you didn’t want to get wrinkles you should have stopped smiling years ago.” 

The global anti-ageing market is said to be worth £131billion ($140billion), so shifting the messaging behind their products wasn’t a decision they took lightly and Lionel Thoreau, Global Brand Vice President of The Body Shop explained this further. 

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He said: “We are taking a huge commercial risk in changing the name of our most popular range, but it is worth it to stay true to our purpose. 

“We are a change-making, B Corp, activist brand. It is our duty to ensure we aren’t sharing the wrong message. Everyone who uses our products has the right to feel powerfully, radiantly themselves. 

“The Body Shop believes that ageing is a joy and a privilege, and our job is to lift people up, helping them age powerfully, rather than wish they were in a time machine.” 

So what’s inside the new and improved Edelweiss products and how are they helping women’s skincare? 

The new name for the range is inspired by the Edelweiss flower that is “found growing in brutal Alpine conditions against extreme wind, snow and rain”. 

Despite its harsh conditions, the “resilient Edelweiss flower thrives [and] protects and repairs itself, thanks to its natural antioxidants, including Leontopodic acid, which is only produced when the flower is in distress”. 

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The Body Shop revealed how “80 percent of daily skin problems are caused by environmental aggressors like pollution and dust, making skin look dull, dry and tired”. 

Therefore, “the powerful natural protection systems found in Edelweiss make it the ideal skincare ingredient”. 

“The properties of Edelweiss have also been shown to maintain skin barrier health, as well as smooth the skin’s surface, helping you keep a radiantly fresh face, whatever your age. That’s why Edelweiss is the beauty industry’s best-kept secret,” the brand commented. 

But, for “optimum skin health” the Body Shop has teamed up with Psychodermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed who explained how “the skin and mind are deeply connected”. 

She said: “The natural process of ageing can induce fear and anxiety, especially for women. We must change the narrative. Skincare shouldn’t fill anyone with dread, it should support self-empowerment and help us feel confident.” 

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Her top tips to help protect and enhance your skin inside and out: 

1. Make inner reliance part of your skincare routine 

“When you experience stress, cortisol is released into the body,” she explained.

“The stress response alters the production and breakdown of collagen, proteoglycans and elastin, all of which are part of the skin’s building blocks. Without these natural skin supporters, you can quickly lose elasticity and firmness in your skin. 

“Stress also affects your skin’s natural barrier, making it less effective when it comes to healing wounds or general daily repair.

“Managing stress effectively and developing inner resilience should be a vital building block of your skincare routine – just like the Edelweiss flower thrives.” 

2. Cultivate a good sleep routine 

“When you’re sleep deprived, your body interprets that as stress,” she continued. “This kicks off a whole inflammatory response, which wreaks havoc with your skin. 

“Night is when the stress hormone cortisol is naturally low, making it the perfect time for the body to repair all the damage you sustained during the day. Prioritise sleep and cultivate a good sleep routine.”

3. Self-love shows on your skin 

“People can be really harsh on themselves about how they look,” the expert added. “Negative self-talk is a huge stress trigger which, once again, alters how you produce collagen, proteoglycans and elastin – the building blocks of skin. 

“Cut the self-criticism when putting your Edelweiss products on and turn it into a mini self-love routine. Give yourself a loving face massage, fully enjoying the textures and scents of your wonderful skincare products. 

“Not only does it aid circulation, it allows you to really tune into yourself. Self-love builds inner resilience and it shows up on your skin.”

The Body Shop recommends cleansing first, then targeting the skin with concentrate then moisturising. Twice a week use an exfoliator. 

As for what customers think about the Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate (£30 for 30ml), it’s been given a 4.6 percent out of five rating online. 

CarPL wrote: “Absolute must-have serum! This is a great hydrator to provide you with 24 hr moisture against dehydration that can dull skin and cause premature ageing. A total game changer that is gentle and suitable for all skin types and doesn’t block my pores. Leaves my skin fresher, smoother, stronger and plumped. Love this serum!” 

Vee said: “It works! Dull, dry, old skin to looking good, with less dryness, and a lovely dewy complexion. Have had lots of compliments. How nice skin looks. Good under make up or just bare skin. Only been using a couple of weeks so hoping wrinkle’s will in time be smoother. Good vaule as only need a smalll amount.” 

Josh77 commented: “Smooth on the skin I’ve actually been told that my skin is looking different.” 

Graciella said: “Nice texture, not runny and nice fresh smell. Personally, I felt like it didn’t do much more for my skin than what I’m already using. I guess it benefits some skin types, but not all.” 

OliveOyl added: “I bought the Drops of Youth concentrate for years and loved it so much, but now this is no longer available I thought I’d try the Edelweiss. My initial thoughts were to do with the bottle itself… it feels cheaper than the Drops of Youth and the pipette doesn’t seem to ‘suck up’ the the serum as well as before. I have only used the serum for a week or so but have yet to be convinced. Not sure why Drops of Youth serum changed to be honest, it was amazing as was the face cream.” 

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