Published On: Thu, Nov 24th, 2022

Kate Middleton ‘always defines her waist’ with a style trick ‘we can all recreate’

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, is a fashion icon for women around the world. However, regardless of whether she is clad in designer garments or opting for a high street favourite, there is a simple style trick which helps to enhance the Duchess’ figure and elevate her look.

Fashion coach and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder, who is known for her TikTok videos posted under the username @themirandaholder, told that this is “something we can all recreate”, regardless of what we are wearing.

“Kate knows what suits her,” said Miranda. “She often wears slightly high-waisted trousers with a more fitted top, which is a silhouette that looks really good. Always defining that waist and definitely having fun with shoulders, blouses and blazers.”

According to Miranda, the key is “knowing exactly which silhouette suits you and not really straying too much off that path.”

One way Kate ensures her outfits always define her waist is by having them specifically tailored to her silhouette.

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Although the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall often has outfits made bespoke, she isn’t afraid of a high street brand, often donning ensembles from the likes of Boden, Marks and Spencer and even Zara.

“If they’re not made bespoke, they are tailored to fit her,” said Miranda. “And that’s something that we can all recreate and it does make an enormous difference.

“Even if you’re going and buying something from Zara. Everyone’s waist is in a slightly different place, even if it’s meant to be in the middle of our bodies, it often isn’t.

“We’re just all made differently. And the same with leg length and shoulder breadth and everything else, we were all different body shapes.

“So you can make even the cheapest outfit look so much more expensive with a few tweaks and alterations to make it fit you like a glove. That’s really worth doing.”

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In October 2022, the Duchess was spotted wearing a fitted red Zara blazer, as she wished the England Women’s Rugby Team good luck for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

The blazer is a firm favourite of Kate, having worn it previously at a visit to the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project at the University of Copenhagen in February, and before that in 2021.

Kate coupled the high street blazer with more high-end items, including a pair of Classic Citrine Pear Drop Earrings in Yellow Gold worth £550 by the designer Kiki McDonough.

This “mixing and matching” is a fashion lesson which Miranda says we can all learn from the Duchess. In a video on her TikTok page, where she has amassed 76.1k followers, Miranda explained how we can all mimic this at home, even on a budget.

“Mix up high street and high end,” said Miranda. “Believe it or not, a head-to-toe designer look can look boring. It lacks imagination. Very little creativity has gone into it and it can just feel a little bit flash.

“If you’re lucky enough to own some designer clothes then try mixing and matching them with some key pieces from the high street for a more individual, personalised and creative look.”

Of course, not everyone can afford to shell out for a designer brand, and this is where charity shops could be your best friend. Miranda explained: “If you don’t own any designer clothes but you’d like to try scouring the discount websites or even looking in vintage stores. You won’t believe what you can find.

“But a mix, even if its high street, the more expensive and slightly cheaper shops, are more interesting than just one brand altogether.”

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