Published On: Sun, Feb 20th, 2022

Kate Middleton news: ‘Imperfect’ teeth reflect a “more British” sensibility

A dentist has told the Duchess of Cambridge braces ahead of her wedding are to thank for her gorgeous smile.

The royal is also said to have had minor orthodontic work before her wedding to Prince William in 2011.

It was reported the Duchess of Cambridge visited orthodontist, Dr. Didier Fillion, before her big day.

Dr. Aneka said: “Kate has reportedly had orthodontic treatment as a teenager.

“She then had further realignment before her wedding in 2011.

“It appears Kate had discrete braces quite possibly behind the teeth (lingual braces) by a French dentist.”

The expert claims Kate’s smile has become a little wider and a little whiter.

She said: “When we look back at Kate’s smile evolution there were more irregularities with the lateral incisors, the teeth next to the central teeth, which were slightly tipped forward.

“There was also narrower arch, making the teeth overall appear smaller.

“Post-orthodontics the arch is broader resulting in a wider smile and the teeth appear larger due to the re-alignment.

“Kate also appears to have finished with some whitening treatment.”

It’s been suggested Kate Middleton’s eyebrows have been subject to the latest cosmetic treatment. 

Laminated eyebrows produce a natural and yet full look.

The Duchess of Cambridge notably wore fuller browns at the No Time to Die premiere in London.

Tori Rosero, make-up artist and founder of Glowblade Academy told “Kate Middleton’s fluffy brows definitely look like they have been laminated to create a natural, yet fluffy and perfectly set brow.”

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