Published On: Sat, May 22nd, 2021

Kate Middleton style evolution: Duchess ‘regal’ but ‘more down to earth’ and ‘modern’

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, joined the Royal Family in 2011 when she married Prince William. Being a royal means the Duchess has access to some of the most stunning pieces of clothing including ball gowns, dresses and suits. How has her style changed throughout the years?

In 2019, it was reported that the royal spent an eye-watering cost of £48,686 on clothes.

This equates to around £4,057 a month in her style. 

She racked up a bill of £8,300 in January 2019 alone, with a £3,000 Catherine Walker coat and a £2,700 Oscar De La Renta suit. 

Although the Duchess continues to wear a variety of clothing pieces, one expert has shared how her style is “regal”.

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Princess Diana also wore pearls when she was alive and Kate has continued the tradition.

The expert added that Kate has also taken style inspiration from Princess Diana.

Georgia said: “The Duchess of Cambridge has definitely paid homage to Princess Diana on many occasions but I believe that Diana’s style was more out there, especially after the divorce.

“It’s worth mentioning that Diana got married in the 80s which was a very ‘loud’ decade in terms of style.”

Since the Duchess joined the Royal Family, her style and taste have evolved as well as her changing her hairstyle on regular occasions.

The stylist revealed that she now prefers fitted outfits compared to bright colours when she first became Duchess.

She said: “A lot has happened in Kate’s life since she married Prince William and so it’s only natural that her style has evolved too.

“I think at the beginning she was more into bright colours and prints, while now, she prefers fitted and well tailored silhouettes.”

Kate is a senior working member of the Royal Family which means when she attends visits, she will tend to wear more smart looks.

However, she also isn’t afraid to dress down in a jumper and jeans on less normal visits.

The expert explained: “I think we still see Kate in tailored dresses and dark colours but she’s not afraid to be seen in jeans and jumpers.”

According to the stylist, this makes the Duchess’ style more “approachable”.

She added: “Especially this horrible year we’ve all been through, comfort and relaxed silhouettes have been part of our style and Kate is no exception.”

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