Published On: Sat, Jan 8th, 2022

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s ‘sleep hack’: ‘Slept apart’ – no ‘snoring or kicking’

Queen’s Elizabeth’s bedtime routines and exercise habits fetch 136 percent more interest than the sleep and workout routines of all members of the Royal Family, according to a new study. The research, by Each Night, analysed Google trends data for the sleep and exercise routines of the key members of the Royal Family to discover which one generated the most searches. The study created an index ranking which scored each royal’s sleep and workout routine, based on the average interest it generated over 2021.

The Queen is famous for the longevity and consistency of her reign, as she will have been on the throne for 70 years in February 2022.

According to sleep and wellbeing experts at Each Night, this may be owed to her active lifestyle and sleep hygiene.

A spokesperson for Each Night spoke exclusively to about the Queen’s sleep routine.

They said: “Her Majesty sleeps a solid eight and a half hours a night, retiring at 11pm and rising at 7.30am.

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“This means she gets over an hour more rest than the average UK person, which is just 6.19 hours a night.

“This also puts her well within the healthy recommended amount of sleep for an adult (seven to nine hours a night),” the expert noted.

Each Night have offered advice for getting the same sleep routine as Her Majesty The Queen.

They continued: “To sleep like the Queen, you should go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day.


“Our bodies follow a circadian rhythm that relies on regular patterns of sleep and wakefulness for optimum health.

“Also, a fixed wake-up time helps you to fall asleep better at night as regular wakefulness builds a strong desire for sleep as you head into the evening.

“The Queen and her late husband Prince Philip also had a highly effective ‘sleep hack’, which they used to maintain a good night’s sleep throughout their marriage.

“As was tradition for the aristocratic classes, they slept apart in separate bedrooms, which meant that no one was awakened by snoring or kicking.”

“The Queen’s sensible penchant for doing everything in moderation, from her exercise to her eating habits, also means she will enjoy the highest quality and most fulfilling sleep at the right times.

“The Queen’s habit of eating light, protein-filled meals at lunchtime means that she will avoid the ‘carbohydrate crash’ of a heavy meal rich in complex carbohydrates.

“These quickly raise blood sugar and cause sleepiness,” they added.

The Queen is the longest-reigning British monarch in history and has had a busy schedule every day for the last 70 years.

The spokesperson continued: “As Her Majesty has always had a busy schedule of appointments and meetings, feeling sleepy before her designated bedtime would be particularly unhelpful.

“Therefore, her low-carb lunch of salad and grilled fish or chicken and vegetables will keep her bright and fresh when she needs to feel awake.

“Even as she slows down some of her duties due to recent ill-health, keeping this eating routine will help her maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

“The Queen also maintains consistent exercise in the form of a post-lunch stroll in the gardens of Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, which is a fantastic aid to good sleep, as the body relies on regular exercise to build up enough sleepiness to wind down in the evening.”

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