Published On: Thu, May 20th, 2021

Queen’s John Deacon: The beautiful song the Queen star wrote for his wife | Music | Entertainment

John wrote the song for his new wife Veronica Tetzlaff, who he had married in January 1975. It is unashamedly romantic, dedicated to a woman he tells, “You make me live” and “You’re all I see”.

John’s love for Veronica and desire to buy a family home had actually just precipated the band’s split from their previous management.

Freddie said: “We had best-selling albums but we were still living in crummy basement flats on fifty pounds a week.”

Apparently, the breaking point was when John wanted an advance to buy a house. When he was denied the band decided to break their contract.

Astonishingly, this only happened in 1975, in a very acrimonious split just before the release of A Night At The Opera album. After that, John became the main financial and business adviser for the band in the subsequent period, and still played an important role after John Reid came in as their new manager.

Freddie said; “John Deacon kept a very close eye on all our business affairs. He knew everything that should and shouldn’t be going on.

“If God had forsaken us, the rest of the group wouldn’t do anything unless John said it was alright.”

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