Published On: Tue, Jan 25th, 2022

Rare 50p coin sells for a whopping sum on eBay

Coins with special messages engraved on them were created in January 2020 to mark the UK leaving the European Union. One of them was sold this week for a huge sum.

A rare 50p coin has been sold for more than a thousand times its value.

The coin was sold for £650 on Sunday, January 23.

Released into circulation in January 2020, millions of coins were made to mark Brexit.

This means that other Britons could be in with a chance of gaining hundreds of pounds for their rare coins.

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The special Brexit 50p coins are engraved with a message on one side and – like other 50p coins – an image of the Queen’s head on the other.

The message reads: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations.”

Just after their launch in January 2020, some coins sold online for around £10 or £20, but none reached the hundreds.

Some eBay sellers are even asking for as much as £865 for their coins.


Meanwhile, others are asking for less, with one seller listing their coin for £27.95.

ChangeChecker expert Alexandra Fiddons commented on the special 50p coin’s release when it first came out, saying: “The 50p was teased for a long while before the UK’s official exit from the European Union and when it was officially released into circulation, people were eager to snap them up for their own collections.

“This coin marks an incredibly significant moment in British history and it’s possible that people who aren’t usually interested in the hobby, may have been tempted to secure this 50p to commemorate the event forever.”

She added: “Sometimes we see coins listed for prices well above their face value on the secondary market.

As many as 250,000 coins like this were created during the same year and put into circulation.

On January 4, a lucky seller received £90 for the coin, which it described as “an undated 20p coin”.

But how did the coin sell for such a high sum?

Coin experts at Change Checker explained: “This coin is regarded by many as the Holy Grail of change collecting, and back in 2008, the undated 20p saga encouraged an entire country to start carefully checking their coins.”

Britons in various parts of the country could, therefore, have one of these coins in their pockets, without realising.

They too could sell the coin for an impressive amount of money.

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