Published On: Mon, May 17th, 2021

Royal baby horoscope: Meghan Markle and baby will be ‘different sides of the same coin’

It is impossible to write a specific and exact horoscope for an unborn child because the exact time and date of birth are unknown – but there are a few astrological placements the new Royal Baby is certain to have, and this can help us to understand what her relationship might be like with her parents. chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out what the new Royal baby will be like.

When is the Royal Baby due?

We don’t have an exact due date for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s second child, but the day is fast approaching.

It is thought that Meghan is due to give birth in early June, and astrology backs this up.

Francesca noted that babies are frequently born around the Full Moon, and we have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26.

If you’re into numerology, Francesca said it would be neat synchronicity for the baby to be born on the same day as her late Great Grandfather Prince Phillip, on June 10.

Other potential dates for the Royal Baby’s birth are June 11, June 13, and June 15.

Francesca said: “Combining astrology with numerology I would suggest that these are the most obvious dates because the Moon will be in Cancer, connecting to Meghan’s ascendent and Mars placements.

“It is very common for the unborn child to have a Moon sign that connects to their mother’s ascendent sign and the Moon in Cancer links beautifully to Diana’s lineage.

“I’ve added June 15 because Harry was born on the fifteenth of the month and the Moon will be in Leo, connecting to Meghan’s Sun Sign offering more of a regal quality and echoing the charts of The Queen and the late Prince Philip, who both had their Moon signs in Leo.”

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Meghan Markle and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, have both exhibited rebellious streaks, and the new baby might be exactly the same.

Francesca said: “Someone with Saturn in Aquarius is a rebel at heart and the child will need to learn to be thoroughly non-conformist, a free-thinker and humanitarian.

“Interestingly, her late Grandmother, Princess Diana had the Moon in Aquarius – the independent thinker is alive and well!

“Diana was a Cancerian and Meghan has Mars in Cancer, as the baby is a girl I would expect to see some planets in Cancer for the birth of this child, specifically at around nine to 11 degrees of Cancer as that links Diana’s Natal Sun with Meghan’s Mars.

“As I mentioned, it is phenomenal to see how patterns run through families – Cancer is the crab, a soft creature in a hard outer shell and arguably the most defensive sign of the zodiac.

“Cancer loves and protects their family and will fight for those they love at all costs. They are also rather moody!”

However, Saturn in Aquarius could indicate the opposite of rebelliousness.

Saturn in Aquarius is responsible for this extreme political correctness right now, and the child might be very politically correct.

Francesca added: “Maybe until the new baby has the Saturn Return, she’ll wish she was part of the Royal Family.

“Diana had the Moon in Aquarius so she easily rebelled, but the child has Saturn retrograde so she might struggle to be the rebel.”

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