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The 10 Best Men’s Moisturisers for Every Skin Type in 2021

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The best moisturisers for men (Image: GETTY)

A comprehensive skin care routine includes cleansing, treating, exfoliating, SPF, and of course, moisturising. Moisturisers work by nourishing your skin with a cocktail of hydrating ingredients that get deep into the layers of your skin to help stop it drying it out, which helps your skin function normally – assisting with everything from fighting breakouts to stopping premature ageing.

While there’s no hard and fast rule that men can’t use skin care products formulated for women, some moisturisers can benefit from being tailored to men’s skin – which is often thicker and more oily.

Considering the thousands of products on the market today, narrowing down the search to just one holy grail hydrator is a mammoth task.

So we did all the hard work for you.

Keep scrolling through to see the most popular moisturisers for an array of skin concerns.

Best men’s moisturiser with SPF

Cetaphil Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF50

Cetaphil Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF50 (Image: Amazon)

When you chat to a dermatologist, one of the first tips many of them will disseminate is that SPF is the most crucial part of your skincare routine.

Not only does SPF protect your skin from skin cancer and sun damage, but it also helps prevent the premature ageing and wrinkles that come with consistent sun exposure.

When you live in the UK or work from home, applying SPF every day may seem like a waste of time – but the sun’s rays can still skin damage on cloudy days and even through windows.

This daily moisturiser from Cetaphil protects your skin with an SPF 50+ formula that is lightweight, easily absorbed, and won’t clog your pores. As the SPF is mixed in with a hydrating moisturiser, it will be easier to incorporate SPF into your daily routine, as you won’t have to worry about applying multiple products as part of your routine.

When you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, many sunscreens can trigger reactions in your skin that can put you off these kinds of products entirely. This one by Cetaphil however, has been formulated to be suitable for all skin types and has been dermatologist tested to ensure it’s non-irritating.

Best men’s moisturiser for dry skin

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Moisturiser

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Moisturiser (Image: Amazon)

When you have really dry skin, some moisturisers just don’t cut it. Either they sink in way too fast and barely make a difference, or they leave a gross, greasy residue on your skin that takes hours to sink in properly.

This intensely hydrating moisturiser from First Aid Beauty works wonders on even the flakiest of skin types, helping it to feel hydrated and comfortable after the first use.

As the formula is free from alcohol, artificial fragrance, artificial colours, sulfates, and parabens, this cream is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used by people of all ages.

Although the cream is fast-absorbing, the texture is luxuriously whipped, so it feels richly hydrating upon application which helps relieve dry skin without leaving skin feeling greasy.

And you don’t have to take our word for all of this – during clinical trials, this face and body cream was proven to improve skin hydration by 169 percent.

Best men’s moisturiser for oily skin

L'Oréal Men Expert Pure & Matte Gel Moisturiser

L’Oréal Men Expert Pure & Matte Gel Moisturiser (Image: Amazon)

Oily skin is a common skin concern for men because they have more active sebaceous glands, which is the gland responsible for causing oily skin.

If you’re unsure if you have oily skin, a couple of ways to tell is if you have enlarged pores on your nose, chin, or forehead, or if you find your face feels greasy throughout the day.

A good way to control excess oil production on your face is by using a mattifying moisturiser, like this one from L’Oréal Men Expert.

The formula contains silica particles that absorb excess sebum (that’s what the oil on your face is called) which helps to control shine and leaves skin looking matte.

When you have oily skin, finding a moisturiser that balances hydrating your skin without exacerbating the issue can be tough, but this moisturiser keeps skin hydrated for up to 24-hours with its non-greasy formula.

Best men’s moisturiser for eczema

La Roche Posay Lipikara Baume Ap M

La Roche Posay Lipikara Baume Ap M (Image: Amazon)

Eczema is a very common skin condition that causes patches of dry skin that are itchy, often red, and usually quite sore. When you suffer from eczema you have to be careful with the products you use, because the wrong moisturiser can exacerbate the issue.

This deeply restorative, hydrating moisturiser from La Roche Posay provides relief for eczema sufferers by soothing the skin and helping to reduce the itching sensations and inflammation commonly associated with eczema.

The moisturiser is made up of a triple active balm that not only soothes irritated skin but also helps to reduce the frequency of eczema flares ups while rebalancing the skin microbiome for healthier skin. The formula includes nourishing ingredients such as thermal spring water, glycerin, and shea butter to help restore the skin barrier.

The moisturiser has been thoroughly dermatologically tested and has been proven to be suitable for those with incredibly sensitive skin.

Best men’s moisturiser for wrinkles

ClarinsMen Line-Control Cream

ClarinsMen Line-Control Cream (Image: Boots)

Anti-ageing skincare routines aren’t just for women, and there’s an increasing number of men interested in products that can help them slow down premature ageing.

This wrinkle-fighting moisturiser from Clarins helps to smooth lines, moisturise, firm, and decongest your skin with its deeply hydrating formula.

Designed to be used after shaving, you can apply this moisturiser morning and night to help firm and energise the skin.

The formula includes paracress extract which firms and energises skin, as well as caffeine, while helps to add definition by reducing puffiness.

Best men’s moisturiser for acne-prone skin

Brickell Men's Acne Controlling Face Moisturiser

Brickell Men’s Acne Controlling Face Moisturiser (Image: Amazon)

As men usually have more active sebaceous glands, this can often lead to acne and frequent blemishes.

Salycic acid is one of the most popular ingredients for acne control, and this moisturiser by Brickell uses that along with vitamin E and willow bark extract to hydrate the skin while reducing breakouts and healing scarring.

The natural and certified organic formula can be used by men of all ages and can help treat acne without drying out your skin like other acne-fighting products are known to.

Best men’s moisturiser for sensitive skin

Burt's Bees 98.9% Natural Daily Moisturising Cream for sensitive skin

Burt’s Bees 98.9% Natural Daily Moisturising Cream for sensitive skin (Image: Amazon)

When you have sensitive skin, you have to be careful what moisturisers you use or you’ll end up irritating your skin or even causing long term damage to your microbiome.

This natural daily moisturising cream by Burt’s Bees helps to smooth and soften skin with a combination of aloe vera and rice extracts.

As the moisturiser is so deeply hydrating, it leaves your skin with a healthy, natural glow.

Best men’s moisturiser for combination skin

Clinique for Men Oil-Control Moisturiser

Clinique for Men Oil-Control Moisturiser (Image: Look Fantastic)

Combination skin is famously difficult to tackle, as you need a moisturiser that won’t exacerbate oiliness while still keeping the dry patches hydrated. 

This fast-absorbing cream by Clinique leaves you with a matte yet smooth complexion that feels smooth and comfortable without appearing greasy. 

Best men’s moisturiser for body


Bulldog Skincare Original Body Lotion for Men

Bulldog Skincare Original Body Lotion for Men (Image: Amazon)

It isn’t just the face that needs TLC, and a hydrating body moisturiser can make all the difference when fighting persistent dry skin. 

This nourishing body lotion from Bull Dog has been formulated with green tea, aloe, and camelina to create a hydrator that leaves skin feeling soft without being greasy. 

Best men’s moisturiser for stubble 

Men’s Revitalizing Face Moisturizer Balm

Men’s Revitalizing Face Moisturizer Balm (Image: Amazon)

Shaving can irritate skin, and when the stubble starts growing through this can aggravate that irritation even more. 

In these instances, it’s good to have a nourishing, calming moisturiser on hand that can replenish and rehydrate dry skin. 

This calming balm from Lumin has been formulated to hydrate and repair damage, making it an epic anti-ageing moisturiser as well as providing all-day hydration. 

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