Published On: Sat, Jan 29th, 2022

TV licence: Millions of Britons could get it for free – could you be one of them? | Personal Finance | Finance

A TV licence is compulsory in the UK for people who watch the BBC live, record BBC programmes to watch later or use a streaming service such as BBC iPlayer. While culture secretary Nadine Dorries confirmed that the BBC licence fee will be frozen at £159 millions of cash-strapped people could get it for free.

Approximately one million pensioners are estimated to be missing out on pension credit – the gateway benefit that enables people to get a free TV licence.

Britons usually qualify for pension credit when they reach state pension age which is currently set at 66-years-old.

As well as this, they also need to be earning less than the income threshold which is £177.10 for an individual or £270.30 for a couple.

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis recently highlighted the issue and encouraged Britons to check they are getting these gateway benefits.

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Four groups who don’t need to pay the full licence fee:

  • Britons who are 74 and over who receive pension credit
  • Someone who is blind or who is severely sight impaired
  • Care home residents
  • Britons who don’t watch live TV

The TV licence used to be waived for everyone 75 and over until August 2020.

Responding to the latest news, campaigner Dennis Reed from Silver Voices warned Britons that the Government hasn’t made any promises.

Mr Reed said while many got their hopes up after the Culture Secretary Nadine Dorrie’s tweets, pensioners could still go to prison for non-payment.

He said: “There’s no protection for the over 75s who are currently getting enforcement notices.”

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