Published On: Sun, Feb 20th, 2022

Wine tasting: How to win over a ‘wine snob’

4 – When choosing a wine as a gift, rely on thoughtful details

Like any gift, you should choose a wine based on thoughtful details about the person you’re giving it to or sharing it with.

Joanne said: “Choosing a great wine for someone is like any other gift, it should be thoughtful.

“If you can say to someone ‘I got you this because you love Sauvignon Blanc, and this grape is like a Sauvignon Blanc’ – I mean those are kind and thoughtful gifts.”

Any good wine salesperson should be able to help you choose something based on what you know about the person’s tastes. The experts at Outpour are available over the phone for consultations.

5 – Remember, it’s all about having fun

An expert herself, Joanne is far more interested in how wine brings people together than what the experts have to say.

She said: “Beyond the technical stuff, like the fact I love the taste, it’s always been associated with good things like dinner parties with friends.

“It’s a conversation piece – you can bring a bottle out and we’ll talk about it, it might spark memories of a trip someone’s been on.

“It’s a beautiful little add-on to a social occasion.”

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